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How to Set up a Wi-Fi Range Extender

Because of how many of us are now working from home or constantly watching Netflix and YouTube at the office because of Internet regulations, your Wi-Fi network starts to experience more problems, even if you buy the best ones.

More and more people are buying new routers to provide better Wi-Fi, and even mesh networking packages to their homes, but for less money, a Netgear range extender setup works fine.

As the title suggests, a range extender links to your Wi-Fi network and connects it to the neighborhood. Here’s a short highlighter on establishing a range extender.

Look into our list of Wifi extenders to help you find the one that works best

Confused in Choosing the Correct Model

Decide whether you want compact models that simply connect to an AC power supply or ones that will need to sit on a shelf or counter.

Although desktop devices may have additional features such as Ethernet ports, these are much more convenient for plug-in models. For $120 or less, we’ll choose the RE650 extender.

For system models, the set-up process will be comparable, too.

Let’s get started.

Regardless of which room you decide to use, you’ll connect the range extender as close as possible to your main router while you are setting it up.

All modern wireless routers and range extenders have a WPS button (“Wi-Fi Protected Setup”) that simplifies the process of setting up your Wi-Fi connections from two devices in two minutes without the use of a password.
In other words, this is the quickest option for setting up, but you will still need to use the manufacturer’s application to finish the setup.
Trying to improve the network range For the Wi-Fi extender Setup

Wi-Fi extender Setup

Launch the Extender’s app first on your phone or tablet.
On the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands, our normal router is called Hyperoptic.
It also transmits its own 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wi-fi signals, too
If you’re already using WPS, you’re already in range.

Dual-Band Wifi extenders

With the range extender connected, we can fire up the app now. Most manufacturers require you to create a private account and provide an email and password to complete this action.
Then the application will search for Wi-Fi networks and display those found.
While it will begin with the 2.4GHz band, you will probably see our 0606 Hyperoptic 2.4GHz networks as one of the top networks, so that it does
We will now have to pick the 2.4GHz network on the router and AC1200 WiFi range extender.

Trying to merge Wi-Fi networks

To set up the router, you now need to enter its 2.4GHz network password instead of 5GHz. The range extender can connect to the range extender’s own 2.4GHz signal to our main router’s 2.4GHz signal.

Also, the 5 GHz band will have to be repeated.

Once this is done, the Netgear Range Extender can act as a kind of wireless bridge that your devices in areas that previously had poor Wi-Fi can now access the Internet using the New router

The midpoint of the extender

That is more confusing than usual, but the application will let you modify the range extender name if you want.
This will be simpler if we just refer to the first variation as ‘Range Extender 2.4GHz’ and ‘Range Extender 5.0’.
Make sure you are far enough away from the router from the range extender to power the range extender but stay close enough to use it.
You should begin by locating the antenna about one-half (or one-third) third of the way between the router and the area where you will need to increase the Wi-Fi signal.

NOTE: If you still face any difficulty using the default network extension via the default login page, log in via the IP address

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